Politics blog: David Vitter plans more closed-door ‘leadership forums’ _lowres

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- U.S. Sen. David Vitter

One fellow senator calls David Vitter’s years-long crusade to scrap health care subsidies for lawmakers and their staffers “disingenuous,” according to a story posted at the website Politico.com. Another says it’s obviously being done “for political purposes.”

“I just don’t think he’s made a lot of progress on this issue,” a third senator says.

And those are just fellow Republicans.

The story, by Politico senior congressional reporter Manu Raju, describes Vitter, who is running for governer of Louisiana, as “one of the more disliked members” of the U.S. Senate, in part because of his quest to deny his colleagues benefits.

Just last month, a U.S. Senate committee dealt a sound defeat to Vitter, its chairman, in his dogged effort to find out just who filled out the inaccurate forms to enroll Congress as a small business in a health exchange under the Affordable Care Act.

See the Politico story here.