Louisiana has joined in a federal court challenge to President Barack Obama’s implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s office announced Wednesday that Louisiana has joined five other states filing an amicus brief supporting the U.S. House of Representatives lawsuit over the federal healthcare revamp known as Obamacare.

“I’ve been fighting for our citizens’ rights over this ill-advised health care law since suing President Obama in 2012, and this bad policy just keeps on getting worse,” Caldwell said in a news release. “As we’ve seen in his recent unconstitutional immigration mandates, the President is disregarding the separation of powers and trampling states’ rights with callous indifference.”

The friend of the court brief supports the House’s assertion that the Obama administration has engaged in a pattern of blatant violations of duly enacted laws by granting a series of exemptions, payments, work permits and suspending or delaying certain requirements of the legislation passed by Congress.

“The brief stresses that this pattern of repeated illegal and unconstitutional acts by the Obama administration harms the states and their citizens and undermines the constitutional structure that protects them,” according to a news release from Caldwell’s office.

Louisiana joined the states of West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona, South Carolina, and Texas in filing the brief.