A gubernatorial debate is being planned for 7 p.m. Oct. 7 and will be broadcast statewide.

Three of the four major candidates in the race have previously confirmed that they will participate: Republicans Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne and Democrat John Bel Edwards. Republican David Vitter has not, and his campaign has told The Advocate that it hasn’t made any decisions on debate requests.

Based on a briefing with all four campaigns Friday, the debate will be led by a panel of anchors from sister stations WVLA/Channel 33, WGMB/Fox 44 and KTAL.

The debate will take place in front of a live audience of about 600 people at The Dunham School in Baton Rouge, and it will air on TV and radio channels across the state, as well as online.

The election is scheduled for Oct. 24, with a Nov. 21 runoff as needed.

Another televised debate has been confirmed for Oct. 21 — just three days before the election.

The candidates have also participate in several forums in recent months, including a one led by students that was the first televised throughout the state.