Just hours before Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was set to formally launch his run for president, Jindal leaked the news himself via a series of hidden-camera videos featuring his family.

The home movie, shot apparently from a low-quality cameras mounted in a tree above the family and over to the side, shows Jindal and his wife, Supriya, breaking the news to their three children Selia, 13, Shaan, 11 and Slade 8. According to the Jindal campaign, it was the first time the kids had heard the news, and the video, which they agreed to release, shows their authentic reaction.

The poor-quality audio cuts in and out. Jindal’s face is mostly obscured, as are those of his children. They inquire about getting a dog, and Shaan, the youngest, gets distracted by a turtle.

The Internet has mostly responded with ridicule: The videos have been labeled “strange,” “bizarre,” “creepy” and “awkward” — among other things.

Gawker called it “bleak, non-consensual, and mercifully short-lived.”

Rolling Stone described it this way: “Far from being folksy, it looked like the sort of footage the Tooth Fairy from Red Dragon uses to select his next victim.”

FunnyOrDie, a comedy video site, dubbed over the real dialogue to poke fun at Jindal. (Warning: FOD’s video contains language some may find offensive or inappropriate for work.)

Jindal campaign spokeswoman Shannon Bates Dirmann defended the videos on Thursday.

“It’s a fun video that they discussed as a family before releasing,” she said. “The kids knew it was going out and were excited about it. It’s a shame some liberals would attack this fun family moment.”

Watch the series of videos here.