Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s presidential campaign has won a key endorsement from a high-ranking Iowa Republican.

Iowa Speaker Pro Tem Matt Windschitl, R-Missouri Valley, said in a statement Monday that he has decided to back Jindal because of his “strong Christian principles” and conservative positions on issues like guns and abortion.

“After much thought, prayer, research and discussions with my wife I have decided to make an endorsement in the presidential race,” Windschitl said in a statement.

Windschitl said he first met Jindal at a Second Amendment rally in Iowa a few years ago. “Since that time my respect for him and his leadership has only grown,” he said. “There is no time like the present to right the course for our nation. I believe the right man for the job of President of these United States is Governor Bobby Jindal.”

Jindal has set out on an aggressive plan to campaign in all 99 counties in Iowa, as he hopes for a big showing in the state’s Feb. 1 presidential caucus. Jindal returned to Iowa on Sunday and will appear at a town hall in Sioux City Monday evening, among other events slated before he takes the Iowa State Fair stage on Saturday. (Stick with The Advocate this week for updates from Iowa).

“I’m grateful to Matt for his service to our country in the Marine Corps, for his service to Iowa in the House and now for his support of my campaign,” Jindal said in a statement Monday. “As we continue to see standing room only crowds at our town hall events, this is further evidence of the energy and enthusiasm we’re receiving as I travel to all 99 counties, asking Iowans to join this movement and believe again in America.”