Gov. Bobby Jindal held meetings in Tokyo Friday during the last leg of his week-long trip to Asia.

The governor’s press office said Jindal met with four companies, including Shin-Etsu and Sumitomo Corporation. The names of the other two companies were not given in the press release.

Reporters were not allowed to accompany the governor on the weeklong trip to Asia.

Shin-Etsu operates facilities in Louisiana through subsidiaries Shintech and SE Tylose. One of the company’s new additions to Louisiana is a hydroxyethyl cellulose plant in Plaquemine that is expected to open this year.

Sumitomo owns Baton Rouge’s Edgen Group, which distributes steel products and tubular goods.

According to the governor’s press office, Jindal discussed the companies’ current operations and possibilities for growth.

Jindal kicked off his tour in Taiwan, where he met with Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jeou and Formosa executives. From Taiwan, he traveled to South Korea, where he held more meetings before heading to Japan.