Planned Parenthood supporters are planning to rally at the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion this week, following Gov. Bobby Jindal’s push to eliminate the state’s Medicaid contract with the organization.

“At some point, enough is enough,” liberal advocacy group Louisiana Progress Action says in a flier for the protest. “We have to stand up against Bobby Jindal and with the good people of Planned Parenthood who are doing great work.”

The protest is slated to take place at 4:30 p.m. Thursday. Supporters have been encouraged to wear pink.

Jindal, a Republican who is running for president, ramped up his criticism of Planned Parenthood, which provides abortions elsewhere in the country but not at its facilities in Louisiana, following a series of undercover videos that allegedly depict the selling of fetal body parts. Planned Parenthood has defended itself against the videos, saying that they are deceptive and depict standard research practices.

Jindal is slated to be out of the state Thursday, so he won’t be there to see the protest first hand.

He had already called for an investigation into Louisiana’s abortion providers, before targeting the funding for Planned Parenthood.

Federal officials have warned Louisiana against terminating the state’s Medicaid contract, which provides for women’s health care services, including sexually transmitted disease screenings and family planning.

At an event in Iowa this week, Jindal defended his calls to defund the organization.

“I think it’s the right thing to do on principle,” Jindal said in Le Mars, following a campaign stop. “We need to be funding women’s health care services but not through Planned Parenthood … there are many other places people can go for those services Planned Parenthood was providing.”