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Days until gubernatorial inauguration: 34
Days until the Louisiana presidential primary: 88
Days until the 2016 regular Louisiana legislative session:

The News

LA Gov: Inside the transition office of John Bel Edwards: http://bit.ly/1HPGAHk

2016: The presidential race is heating up in Louisiana. http://bit.ly/1HPGwYl

College costs: Louisiana leaders are trying to get more high schoolers to seek financial aid for college. http://bit.ly/1YTjnbB

LA Lege: The fight for House speaker continues. http://bit.ly/1YTjXWL

Inauguration: Find out where Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards’ inaugural ball will be held. http://bit.ly/1HPGQWW

ICYMI: The inside story of the Louisiana governor’s race and how Democrat John Bel Edwards won. http://bit.ly/1HPGn75

ICYMI: Read what happened behind the scenes and how politics was involved in LSU’s decision to keep Les Miles. http://bit.ly/1YTjfsq

Congress: Left for dead five months ago, the federal Export-Import Bank lives on. http://bit.ly/1HPGkID

Edwards: John Bel Edwards will speak at Southern University’s graduation this week. http://bit.ly/1YTjVOC

At The Capitol

Senate Finance Committee meets at 9 a.m. to talk about health care costs. Watch online.

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