Today in The Rundown: Tomorrow is election day! What the governor candidates are up to in the final days; why you are feeling inundated with campaign ads; the latest on the OMV snafu; and more.

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Days until the 2015 primary election day: Tomorrow is Election Day! Find your polling location and other info at
Days until the runoff (as needed): 29
Days until the Iowa caucuses:

Where in the world is Gov. Bobby Jindal? Gov. Jindal is in Iowa campaigning for president.

The News

LA Gov: Candidates are making their last-ditch pitches to potential voters in the run up to tomorrow’s election.

Campaign ads: The governor’s race has spurred more than $10M in television political advertising. Other races have added more than $5M more.

OMV: Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon blasted the Jindal administration for the Office of Motor Vehicle’s recent mass mailing attempt to recoup millions of dollars in fines, and Col. Mike Edmonson, who oversees OMV, responded.

Legislature: A task force that was created to look into state spending on immigrants came under fire during its meeting Thursday.

Angola: A judge has ruled that the state must pay the attorney fees for several death-row inmates who challenged their hot living conditions.

Common Core: The test results are in:

Eco Devo: Syngas plans $360 million St. James methanol plant, would create 86 jobs paying an average of $78,600.

Congress: Rep. Garret Graves is pushing legislation that would give states authority over Red snapper fishing guidelines.

U.S. Senate: The Senate approved Sen. David Vitter’s small business disaster recovery measure.

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