In a move that Jindal has deemed “inexcusable,” Obama on Wednesday publicly outlined the parameters of his request for the use of military force against ISIS, which he delivered to Congress earlier in the day.

“Yesterday, Americans watched President Obama telegraph in detail what we are willing and not willing to do to defeat ISIS terrorists,” Jindal said in a statement Thursday. “No one can possibly explain why our Commander in Chief would do this. It’s just an inexcusable approach to military strategy. President Obama does not like to use the words Radical Islam. The President refuses to own up to the challenges we face. He is letting this threat fester and and it’s metastasizing by the day.”

Jindal, who is considering a run for president in 2016, released a foreign policy proposal, co-written by former U.S. Sen. Jim Talent of Missouri, through Jindal’s non-profit think tank America Next. Jindal has also released policy papers on health care and education through the group, which has been seen as part of a run-up to a presidential bid.