Louisiana is half-way into early voting in the runoff race for governor, and voter turnout appears to be outpacing the early vote in the Oct. 24 primary.

John Couvillion of JMC Analytics has reviewed the figures and says in a new blog post that voter turnout could be 45 to 50 percent in the Nov. 21 runoff election. Voter turnout in the primary was just 39 percent.

Democrat John Bel Edwards faces Republican David Vitter in the runoff race to decide who will succeed Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal.

The first three days of early voting have seen a 35 percent jump, compared to the first three days in the primary. Early voting isn’t happening today because of the Veterans Day holiday, but will resume Thursday through Saturday.

Couvillion notes that black voter turnout is up drastically from the primary, and Democrats are higher. “From a partisan perspective, this is additional confirmation that Democrats are more energized,” he writes.

You can read the full analysis from JMC Analytics here.