Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is again taking aim at Hillary Clinton.

In an email this morning from an AmericanFutureProject.com address, Jindal slammed the Democratic candidate for president over inaccurate claims she made about her family ancestry.

bobby jindal hillary clinton

Bobby Jindal, Hillary Clinton

“You may have seen in the news that Hillary Clinton just got caught making up another story to try to be ‘relatable’ to everyday Americans,” Jindal wrote in the email. “This time she tried to claim her grandparents were immigrants when it turns out all but one were not.”

Clinton, appearing in Iowa, claimed all of her grandparents are immigrants. After Buzzfeed countered the remark with records that showed the claim was inaccurate, a Clinton spokesperson said she had been mistaken about her family’s heritage.

In the email, which was sent with the subject line “A special prayer,” Jindal notes that his parents ARE immigrants — they came to Baton Rouge from India shortly before his birth.

“When I was a boy, my father would make my brother and I say a prayer,” Jindal writes. “He would tell us: ‘Get on your knees and thank God almighty that you were blessed to be born in the greatest country in the history of the world.'”

Jindal was raised Hindu. He has repeatedly told the story of his conversion to Catholicism in high school, often telling audiences that he even hid in a closet so his parents would not see him reading the Bible.

The Jindal email twice asks for donations to the American Future Project, a 527 organization that is expected to be the framework for an eventual presidential run, if Jindal decides to seek the 2016 nomination. AFP has recently been scooping up campaign operatives, including ones that have been placed in Iowa and New Hampshire — home of the first presidential caucuses and primary, respectively.