Today in The Rundown: Poll results in the lieutenant governor and attorney general races; the state could see a large increase in how much it spends on a lawsuit over abortion restrictions; Steve Scalise continues his quest to move up the U.S. House ranks; and much more.

Coming this week: More results from our independent poll conducted by Ron Faucheux of Clarus. Topics later this week will include highlights from the presidential race, what voters think about past Louisiana governors and more.

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Days until the 2015 primary election day: 23

Days until the runoff (as needed): 51

Days until the Iowa caucuses: 125

Where in the world is Gov. Bobby Jindal? Jindal is campaigning in Iowa today as part of his 99-county tour. Tonight he’s scheduled to be in Iowa City.

The News

Poll: In the latest installment from The Advocate/WWL-TV poll, significant segments of voters remain undecided in the lieutenant governor’s race and the campaign for attorney general. http://bit.ly/1LO19DO

Abortion: The Jindal administration has OK’d an increase in the cost of the contract with a law firm representing the state in a suit over the state’s abortion restrictions. http://bit.ly/1FC1s3L

Governor’s race: Democrat John Bel Edwards and Republican Jay Dardenne took part in a forum in New Orleans on Tuesday that The Advocate covered. What do they say about Medicaid expansion? http://bit.ly/1KQLi3p

Campaign finance: State Sen. Elbert Guillory has adjusted the campaign finance report he filed last week, bringing his campaign out of the red. http://bit.ly/1FC2qNw

Lt Gov: A Baton Rouge resident hosted his own lieutenant governor’s forum with no money and no political group’s backing. http://bit.ly/1KQHOhk

GOP 2016: CNBC, the host of the Oct. 28 GOP debate, hasn’t outlined its criteria or structure. That’s had Bobby Jindal’s campaign speaking out the past week. http://bit.ly/1OEKVih

RGA: The Republican Governors Association’s recent re-examination of its spending in Kentucky has stoked speculation that the national GOP group’s interest has been renewed in the race in Louisiana. Kentucky and Louisiana are among just three states with gubernatorial races this year. The Democratic Governors Association, meanwhile, told The Advocate early Tuesday afternoon that it is “closely monitoring” the race. http://bit.ly/1NZP9iS

Congress: House Republicans huddled Tuesday night as Louisiana’s Steve Scalise seeks the No. 2 leadership position. http://bit.ly/1KQHy1D

EPA: Federal environmental regulators will now require refineries to install air monitors to detect low levels of the cancer-causing chemical benzene. http://bit.ly/1KQHrDq