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Days until session ends: It’s the last day! Session must end by 6 p.m.

Days until the 2015 primary election day: 136

Days until the runoff (as needed): 164

The News

Budget crunch: State legislators are entering the final day of session without a finalized budget. Late on the eve of session, they still described the negotiation situation as bleak. http://bit.ly/1f44T74

Session wind-down: Much of Wednesday’s action was taking place behind-the-scenes. http://bit.ly/1f44Zf3

Governor travels: Gov. Bobby Jindal is jetting off to South Carolina and then Iowa after the session ends. http://bit.ly/1KW8NsA

GOP 2016: According to a new report, Jindal was one of six potential 2016 hopefuls who participated in secret auditions with conservative VIPs last month. It didn’t go well. http://bit.ly/1S4XQJv

Jindal: The governor went on the nationally syndicated Mark Gallagher Radio Show on Wednesday and talked Obamacare, marijuana possession penalties and the situation in McKinney, Texas. http://bit.ly/1Qp7N76

Senate: After nearly two hours of discussion, the Senate decided that future leaders of the chamber will be selected by secret ballot.http://bit.ly/1L2nj5a

Alario: Just hours before venting over the way leadership’s selected, the Senate gifted President John Alario with a special treat:http://bit.ly/1QNm20y

Higher Ed: $282M in funding for colleges and universities could be at risk. http://bit.ly/1IGixKl

Hospitals: A deal funding the LSU charity hospitals is on trackhttp://bit.ly/1QNmmfJ

LtGov: State Sen. Elbert Guillory has made his run for lieutenant governor official. http://bit.ly/1f44xxa

EPA: The Louisiana Legislature is now on record as opposing proposed federal air pollution standards. http://bit.ly/1B7fFDg

State workers: More than 8,400 classified state employees have been laid off since Gov. Bobby Jindal took office, according to a new state Civil Service report. http://bit.ly/1S5iER9

UL-Lafayette: The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Foundation has elected a new board. http://bit.ly/1QNmvQg

BR City Court: Still no deal on the makeup of the court.http://bit.ly/1f44zoP

Congress: U.S. Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana got into a strange argument with a fellow representative from Colorado the other day. It involved references to “smoking crayfish.” http://bit.ly/1Qp58u8

Alcohol: Micro-distilleries could be coming to Louisiana.http://bit.ly/1f452aI

Littering: Legislation that would double the fines for littering is heading to Jindal. http://bit.ly/1QNlaZK

Elections: When BR voters head to the polls Oct. 24 to elect new leaders, they’ll also vote on a property tax supporting the parish library system. http://bit.ly/1QNm6xo


House comes in at 9 a.m. and Senate comes in at 8:30 a.m.

House Order of the Day: http://bit.ly/LAHouseOrder

Senate Daily Digest: http://bit.ly/LASenateDigest

Watch the House online: http://bit.ly/LAHouseChamber

Watch the Senate online: http://bit.ly/LASenateChamber

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