Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards will launch a monthly call-in radio show on Tuesday.

The program, which will be broadcast at 2 p.m. on radio stations across the state through the Louisiana Radio Network, will air the third week of each month.

“Ask the Governor” will also be available online at www.gov.louisiana.gov and www.la.radionetwork.com, according to the Governor’s Office.

“I look forward to talking with folks from all walks of life who care about our great state, and I want to better understand how the challenges we’re facing impact them,” Edwards said in a statement. “I’m convinced that there is more that unites us than divides us, and by talking with one another, we can learn from one another.”

The call-in show is a throwback to former Gov. Mike Foster, who hosted a weekly “Live Mike” radio show during his second term.

For Edwards’ show, Louisiana residents will be able to directly pose questions for Edwards by calling toll free 1-877-217-5757.

“The best part about this job is traveling the state. I see this program as another way of connecting with citizens throughout Louisiana,” Edwards said.

Since taking office Jan. 11, Edwards has addressed several groups and conferences. On Friday, he attended the annual Acadiana Day celebration at the Capitol to spread his message about the $750 million shortfall in the state budget that begins July 1.

“We’re working extremely hard to stabilize our state,” he told attendees. “We’re gonna get there.”

Shortly after taking office, Edwards held a televised address to stress the budget crisis, making national headlines when he noted that LSU wouldn’t be able to field a football team if funding was deeply slashed for higher education.

Stations that will air Edwards’ “Ask the Governor” show include:

WBRP in Baton Rouge

KPEL in Lafayette

KEEL in Shreveport

KMLB in Monroe

KTIB in Thibodaux

KSYL in Alexandria

WSLA in Slidell

KANE in New Iberia

KLEB in Golden Meadow

KNBB in Ruston

WABL in Amite

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