Louisiana First Lady Supriya Jindal took umbrage at criticisms U.S. Sen. David Vitter made Saturday about the State Police protection for the Jindal children.

Vitter told state troopers that what the state spends on protective services for the governor has become inflated. He said he once saw authorities providing a “caravan” to take two of Jindal’s children to school.

Vitter was speaking Saturday from a gubernatorial candidate forum sponsored by the Louisiana State Troopers Association, which held its 43rd annual convention in Baton Rouge and attracted about 200 troopers.

Mrs. Jindal tweeted in response that Vitter “is free to criticize my husband’s ideas and policy decisions all he wants, but he needs to stay away from our children.”

Though the state’s two highest elected Republicans, Gov. Jindal and Sen. Vitter famously have cool personal relationship.