Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said during an appearance on Fox News on Monday that he stands by his strategy of attacking Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Last week, Jindal launched a full-scale assault against Trump, calling him an “egomaniac” and “shallow” among other choice descriptors. He hasn’t let up since, hurling insults in TV appearances (many of them lined up after Jindal started lobbing insults at Trump) and through his official Twitter account.

America’s Newsroom host Martha Maccallum asked Jindal about the move on Monday.

“Some people say you are just doing this to get attention,” she said, noting that other candidates have avoided getting into a war-of-words with Trump.

“Somebody’s got to say, ‘The emperor has no clothes’,” Jindal said, further claiming, “Our strategy is actually working.”

A Washington Post reporter recently declared that Jindal’s strategy “isn’t working.”

And former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani also has questioned the move.

“I think Bobby made a big mistake there, I really do. First of all, all that stuff about narcissist and all of a sudden Bobby has become a psychiatrist? And saying he is a carnival act, lets save that language for Democrats,” Giuliani said last week on the Kilmeade & Friends radio show.

Jindal’s latest attacks on Trump on Monday have involved bankruptcy. Jindal called him the “nation’s leading expert on bankruptcy” during the Fox News interview, based on Trump companies’ Chapter 11 filings.

He also has continued to question Trump’s Christianity after the reality TV star couldn’t name his favorite Bible verse.

“It’s becoming obvious that Donald Trump has never read a book other than The Art of the Deal, never watched a TV show other than The Apprentice and the only movie he’s seen is Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” Jindal campaign manager Timmy Teepell said in a media blast that included a link to a video of Trump’s cameo in the Macaulay Culkin movie sequal. “It’s bad enough that his ego would prevent him from reading the Bible, the least he could do is be straight with people and admit it.”