DES MOINES — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will hit the Iowa State Fair “soapbox” Saturday. Political speeches are a huge part of the fair–particularly just ahead of a presidential election year, but the food is another important part of the State Fair culture.

So what food advice did Jindal offer to a soon-to-be first time fair-goer?

Jindal said the No. 1 thing he recommends that people try at the fair would be “deep-fried anything,” but he specifically mentioned the deep-fried butter as a must-try. Second, Jindal said you can find “bacon-wrapped anything — they wrap it all in bacon” — another of his favorites (Jindal’s bacon love is well-documented at this point).

But Jindal was quick to point out: “Louisiana has great food. There are just some things here we don’t have.” He joked about Louisiana being home of the deep-fried turkey and the “turducken,” though.

Don’t hold your breath for a Bobby Jindal corrndog pic… He seemed more interested in the pork chop-on-a-stick, rather than the State Fair staples that have led to some unflattering photos of candidates in the past.

After an event in Sioux City Monday night, Jindal told some attendees still mingling at the Elks lodge about his kids’ fondness for the fair food, too.

Jindal said his youngest son, Slade, now 9, last year approached him at the perfect time — while he was talking to a crowd — to get permission to have a deep-fried Snickers bar. Slade heard his dad say, “OK” but missed the caveat “after you eat lunch.” Well, Slade apparently scarfed one down, Jindal joked: “The next thing I know, his face was covered in chocolate.”

Jindal’s daughter, Selia, now 13, last year got something that was bacon wrapped. The governor couldn’t remember all of the specifics, but recalled this part: “She went back and asked for more bacon!” he said.

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