The Louisiana House Republican Delegation says it has voted “overwhelmingly” to endorse Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter for governor.

The Delegation’s news release doesn’t include how each individual member voted or what the count was. A spokesman for the group said that at least a “supermajority” (or two-thirds) of the 58-member caucus signed off on it.

Vitter faces Democrat John Bel Edwards, also a member of the state House, in a Nov. 21 runoff.

“David Vitter has the vision, knowledge, and experience to lead our state. Time and time again, David has stood for conservative values and fought against government waste and corruption,” state Rep. Lance Harris, said in announcing the endorsement. “While in the U.S. Senate, David has proven that he puts Louisiana first. We, as a delegation, stand behind David and support him wholeheartedly in the upcoming election.”


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