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Days until session ends: 28
Days until the 2015 primary election day: 165
Days until the runoff (as needed): 194

Where in the world is Gov. Bobby Jindal? The governor did not have reported appearances scheduled outside of the state today. This weekend, he’ll travel to Iowa for the GOP Lincoln Dinner there.

The News

Medicaid expansion: The Louisiana House has passed a resolution that could pave the way for Medicaid’s expansion after Gov. Bobby Jindal leaves office. http://bit.ly/1PkiHup

Common Core: Has a compromise been reached on Common Core after after nearly two years of bitter debate? http://bit.ly/1PkiOpY

Jindal: An online investigative publication says Jindal’s opposition to “hyphenated” modifiers ignores past embrace of Indian-American label. http://bit.ly/1PkhVNS

Governor’s race: A political action committee has been formed just to campaign against David Vitter’s run for governor. http://bit.ly/1F8i13u

LSU: Today is graduation day for thousands of LSU students. Festivities continue tomorrow. http://bit.ly/1K6FeY4

Weed penalties: Penalties for simple possession of marijuana would be reduced under legislation that eked out of the Louisiana House on Wednesday. http://bit.ly/1Pkhfbw

Break tags: The Louisiana House has backed legislation that would allow some vehicles to get brake tag every five years, rather than every one year or two years. http://bit.ly/1Pki6sN

Capitol Update: Efforts to sell the Capitol Welcome Center and other properties at the Capitol Complex have been put on hold. http://bit.ly/1PkiqaO

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Revenue Estimating Conference meets at 12:30 p.m.

House Committee Meetings — All upon adjournment

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, and Rural Development
  • Judiciary
  • Labor and Industrial Relations
  • Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs
  • Retirement

Senate Committee Meetings — All upon adjournment

  • Education
  • Labor and Industrial Relations
  • Local and Municipal Affairs
  • Natural Resources
  • Transportation, Highways and Public Works

The House and Senate both come in at 9 a.m.

House Order of the Day: http://bit.ly/LAHouseOrder
Senate Daily Digest: http://bit.ly/LASenateDigest

Watch the House online: http://bit.ly/LAHouseChamber
Watch the Senate online: http://bit.ly/LASenateChamber

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