Is any city in Louisiana “liberal” compared to those in other states? According to a new analysis tool, all of Louisiana’s largest cities fall on the conservative side based on the political candidates who residents back financially.

Crowdpac, a non-partisan political technology start-up, has ranked the political ideology of every town in America (population 6,000+) by looking at residents’ political contributions to federal and state candidates since 2002. Each candidate was placed on a liberal-to-conservative scale and weighted. Crowdpac then used those ratings to analyze the money candidates received from the cities’ residents.

The site has identified nationally the 10 most liberal and the 10 most conservative, but also allows users to look up scores for individual cities.

Here’s how Crowdpac ranked Louisiana’s 5 largest cities (None fell on the liberal side of the spectrum, which means the lower the “C” ranking, the less conservative the city).

  • New Orleans: 0.5C
  • Baton Rouge: 3.1C
  • Shreveport: 4.0C
  • Lafayette: 4.2C
  • Lake Charles: 2.5C

You can look up other cities here.

Crowdpac included Gov. Bobby Jindal in its rating of presidential candidates by ideology. He scored a 5.1C — more conservative than any of the state’s largest five cities.