Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal had a long sit-down with Iowa-based Caffeinated Thoughts this week at which he chatted about education, health care, Republicans in Congress and Iran, among other topics.

Jindal responded to Republican state Rep. Jay Morris’ recent email that called Jindal’s approach to the state budget amid Louisiana’s $1.6 billion shortfall “insane.” Morris criticized the governor’s apparent focus on appeasing the anti-tax Americans for Tax Reform and its president, Grover Norquist.

“Of course I’m going to keep my pledge. My pledge means something,” Jindal said, referring to the pledge as a “campaign pledge” and not directly mentioning the Americans for Tax Reform or its pledge he signed. “When I told voters – I wasn’t secretive about this. I wasn’t ambiguous about this. I was very clear. We are not raising taxes.”

Jindal gave his oft-repeated “couple of months” non-answer when asked when he’ll announce whether he’s running for president in 2016. He told the conservative Christian outlet he wants to shrink the Department of Education and shift money toward block grants to the states, and he cautioned against Republicans passing “Obamacare lite” if they repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Watch the full 23-minute video of the interview here, or read the highlights via Caffeinated Thoughts.

Also Thursday, CNBC released a three-and-a-half minute interview between Jindal and the channel’s chief Washington correspondent, John Hardwood.

In addition to a biographical overview, the segment touches on Jindal’s controversial no-go zone claims (he stands by what he said), the portrait in his office (he didn’t model for the artist and doesn’t know if it resembles him), his political ambitions (he’ll announce by summer) and that speech — his widely-panned 2009 State of the Union response.

Jindal said those who prepped him for the State of the Union response told the normally fast-talking governor to “slow down.”

“That’s not who I am,” he said during the sit-down with Hardwood in Breaux Bridge.

Watch the CNBC video here.