Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s three children will take the tests associated with Common Core when Louisiana schools start testing next week, The News-Star of Monroe reports.

Jindal has become a vocal critic of Common Core — an issue that has driven a wedge between him and the state’s K-12 education leader.

“As it stands now the kids will take it,” Jindal told The News-Star.

The governor and his wife, Supriya, have three children: Selia, Shaan and Slade.

Students in grades three through eight will take the tests March 16-20, with a second phase slated for May. Several hundred students will be opting-out, but as The Advocate reported, students who skip the tests will translate to zeros for their schools, which will affect performance scores.

Jindal had previously backed Common Core bu quietly shiftedagainst the education standards last year. He has argued that the federal government took over the program and weakened states’ involvement.

In recent months, he has frequently criticized Common Core,drawing national attention as he considers a run for president in 2016.