A recent report on a new poll in the Louisiana governor’s race may not be all that it has been cracked up to be.

Republican Scott Angelle’s campaign has been heavily promotingthe Ouachita Citizen story, which claims the poll showed him at 18 percent. That would be a huge jump from the single-digits he has seen in other recent polls and put him polling high enough to shift the race’s narrative away from Republican David Vitter and Democrat John Bel Edwards having strong leads over Angelle and Republican Jay Dardenne.

But the pollster, Verne Kennedy, told The Advocate the report contains “a number of errors.” He said he never confirmed its findings with the West Monroe paper, despite the article claiming it had been “confirmed.”

The poll actually found support for Angelle at about 10 percent — still a bump from previous polls but not the giant leap purported in the story. The 18 percent figure cited includes the percent who said they were “leaning toward.”

The story ran with the headline: “Verne Kennedy poll shows governor’s race a wide-open affair.”

But speaking to The Advocate, Kennedy summed up his poll’s findings this way: “It looks like a looks like runoff between Vitter and Edwards.”

The election is Oct. 24, with a Nov. 21 runoff, if needed.

The independent group who paid for the poll is not directly tied to any of the campaigns and was given the findings verbally — not on paper. It has not been authorized for release, and it’s unclear who leaked the misleading details to the Ouachita Citizen or why.

The Advocate is reporting this because the inaccurate story has been disseminated by a campaign and picked up by other media outlets.

The Ouachita Citizen story also apparently contains inaccurate information about how the poll was conducted. The sample size was 600 people, with a 4.1 percent margin of error.

The Advocate reached out to the Ouachita Citizen reporter on Tuesday. He said he stands by the story.