PLAQUEMINE — Iberville Parish Sheriff Brent Allain announced in February that he would forgo running for a fourth term in office in favor of spending more time with his family.

When Allain made that announcement, it set off a flurry of speculation about who would succeed him.

Parish President Mitch Ourso, a former deputy whose late father, Jessel Ourso, served as sheriff from 1964 to 1968 and again from 1972 until 1978, was one of the most talked-about possible successors to Allain.

While the parish president initially said he was “seriously thinking” about making a run for sheriff, he ultimately released a statement the day after Allain’s announcement saying he would stay out of the race.

In the weeks and months afterward, speculation around the parish was focused on Sheriff’s Office personnel and police chiefs throughout the parish who might enter the race.

The picture of who exactly would seek the parish’s top law enforcement job didn’t become clear until last month when the qualifying period for potential candidates ended.

When it was over, several candidates including current and former law enforcement officers, investigators and businessmen had all thrown their hats in the ring.

On Oct. 22, Iberville Parish voters will have the task of selecting from a field of nine, the parish’s next sheriff.

The nine candidates are:

e_SBlt Kevin “Butchie” Ambeau Sr., a Democrat from Carville.

e_SBlt Harold Brooks Jr., a Democrat from White Castle.

e_SBlt Michael “Coupella” Garvin, a Republican from Grosse Tete.

e_SBlt Kelvin Q. Goins, No Party from Plaquemine.

e_SBlt Lionel Johnson, a Democrat from Plaquemine.

e_SBlt Wyatt Neely, a Democrat from Plaquemine.

e_SBlt Aubrey St. Angelo Jr., a Democrat from Plaquemine.

e_SBlt Brett M. Stassi, a Democrat from Plaquemine.

• Glynn Stassia, a Democrat from Plaquemine.