The race for House District 42 pits a vice president of a manufacturing company against incumbent Jack Montoucet, a small-business owner in Scott.

Montoucet said the way to spur economic growth is to reduce regulations the government places on businesses.

“It is not the role of government to create jobs, rather government should help to create an environment where free enterprise and entrepreneurs can flourish,” Montoucet said.

He said investments in businesses, especially tax credits and other incentives, should be invested in Louisiana companies, “not companies that will come to our state just seeking tax credits, then leave as soon as they expire.”

Montoucet also said fixing the state’s “broken education system” would help the economy.

If elected, challenger Anthony Emmons said he would introduce a no-cost economic stimulus plan and a high-paying jobs act that would increase not only production but also consumption of natural gas.

Emmons said he also would push for a manufacturing jobs act in which “We will phase out a portion of the corporate tax on manufacturers over a four-year period.”

Emmons said a job produced through a manufacturing company passes through the economy five times.

“I want to reduce the state income tax on workers’ overtime pay,” Emmons said. “The way we’re going to pay for that is we’re going to end our current $40 million subsidy that’s paid by the state to certain workers and therefore it will give our working people more money to spend.”

Both candidates favored spending cuts and expressed no interest in raising taxes.

“We must put everything on the table and look at ways to make responsible spending cuts to bring our budget under control,” Montoucet said.

Over the past four years, Montoucet said, he has voted to reduce spending by $3.5 billion and cut taxes by $1.4 billion.

“We can bring our budget under control without asking a single group of individuals to suffer for the whole,” he said.

Emmons said Louisiana has “approximately 11,000 more state employees than the average state. We need to make our government smaller and more efficient by combining job positions and plus not just laying off the workers in the field but also some of these six-figure positions that we have.”

Both candidates said education is the key to addressing poverty.

“We need to encourage those students who want to go to college and provide them with a top-notch academic education,” Emmons said. “For those students who do not plan to go to college, we need to begin training them in skilled trades while they are still in high school.”

Both candidates said infrastructure improvement is the district’s single greatest need.


Republican, Rayne.

51, vice president of Global Sales, manufacturing company.

EDUCATION: B.A., Nicholls State University; J.D., Southern University.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Two terms on the Republican State Central Committee.


Democrat, Scott.

39, small-business owner,

Farm Pride Processors.

EDUCATION: Scott High School.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: State representative.


Ward/Precinct and location

Acadia Parish

1-1 Mire Fire Station

1-2A Rayne City Courtroom

1-2B Rayne City Courtroom

1-3A Rayne High gym

1-3B Rayne High gym

1-4A Martin Petitjean Elementary

1-4B Martin Petitjean Elementary

1-5A Southside Community Center

1-5B Southside Community Center

1-6 Northside Community Center

1-7 Rayne Federal Housing

1-8 B&C Self-Storage

1-9 Martin Petitjean Elementary

4-4 Egan Elementary

4-5 Evangeline Elementary

4-5A Evangeline Elementary

5-1A Mermentau Town Hall

5-1B Mermentau Town Hall

5-2A Estherwood Town Hall

5-2B Estherwood Town Hall

5-3 Morse Elementary

5-4 Morse Elementary

5-5 Midland Catholic Church Hall

6-1 North Crowley Middle

6-2 Notre Dame High

6-3A North Crowley Kindergarten

6-3B North Crowley Kindergarten

6-4 Courthouse Lobby — first floor

6-5 City of Crowley Administrative Building

6-6 Old Ross High

6-7 Rice Festival Building

6-8 Immaculate Heart of Mary Hall

6-9 South Crowley Elementary

6-10 Lyons Point Community Center

6-11 Martin Luther King Jr. Center

6-12 School Board Media Center

6-12A School Board Media Center

6-13 School Board Media Center

6-13A School Board Media Center

6-14 Acadia Animal Clinic

6-15 South Crowley Elementary

Lafayette Parish

27 Duson Council chambers

71 Duson Elementary