The two candidates running for the House District 60 seat differ in their approach to spurring economic growth.

Incumbent Karen St. Germain, who owns a family business in Pierre Part, said she favors granting tax incentives to businesses that hire additional employees.

“With our business, we know what it’s like to be able to keep employees and also to bring in new ones,” she said.

Challenger Jason Morris, who owns a business in Baton Rouge, said removing regulations would go a long way to create economic growth.

“We must relax the regulatory oversight of the state and government. The cost of doing business in Louisiana has soared due to over-regulation,” he said.

Both candidates agree that raising taxes is not the way to balance the state’s budget.

Morris said state government has mismanaged tax revenues and taxpayers should not be forced to pay more.

Government, he said, should take a businesslike approach and cut spending to close the revenue gap.

“Any new fees or taxes come from the pockets of our citizens in some shape or form and need to be decreased,” Morris said.

St. Germain said state government needs to examine how to serve the public’s needs with the money available.

The key to that, she said, is for the government to seek input from the public on which programs are necessary and which programs can be considered luxuries.

“I don’t think anybody wants to pay more taxes,” St. Germain said. “I think everybody in this district is already paying absolutely what they can afford to pay.”

St. Germain said the state needs to focus on job creation, specifically the kind of jobs that create a wide range of employment options over a large area.

“So many of our college students are not finding jobs,” she said. “When you have large industries in an area, it benefits the entire region. That’s why we need to take care of our businesses. They create the jobs.”

Morris said the state’s education system needs to be revamped to include job training and basic-skills training.

“The ability to balance a checkbook, basic bookkeeping, training at the high school level for plumbers, welders and computer techs,” he said. “These are the men and women who are needed in our state and for some reason we ignore them.”

In House District 60, in particular, Morris said, the single greatest need is employment opportunities.

“Jobs, jobs, jobs,” he said. “The potholes in the road don’t really matter if you don’t have a job to drive to.”

St. Germain said District 60 competes with East Baton Rouge Parish for state transportation money and would benefit from some transportation upgrades.

“For example, Iberville is the only parish along the Mississippi River without a bridge,” she said. “The congestion in Baton Rouge is bad, but we shouldn’t always fall on the short end. To our people, Highway 1 is just as important as those major roads in Baton Rouge.”


Republican, Sunshine.

42, business owner.




Democrat, Pierre Part.

56, legislator.

EDUCATION: Associate’s degree, LSU.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: State representative, legislative assistant.


Ward/Precinct and location

Assumption Parish

1-1 Belle Rose Primary

1-2 Assumption Catholic Hall

2-1 Agricultural Complex Office/ Warehouse

4-2 Labadieville Volunteer Fire Dept.

5-1 Napoleonville Volunteer Fire Dept.

5-2 Napoleonville Middle

5-3 Napoleonville Volunteer Fire Dept.

5-4 Napoleonville Middle

5-5 St. Elizabeth Gym

6-1 St. Elizabeth Gym

6-1A St. Elizabeth Gym

6-2 St. Benedict de Moore Church Hall

6-3 Belle Rose Middle

7-1 Belle Rose Middle

7-1A Belle Rose Middle

7-2 Charles Landry Grocery Store

7-3 Assumption Parish Library, Pierre Part

7-4 Belle Rose Primary

8-1 Assumption Parish Library, Pierre Part

8-1A Assumption Parish Library, Pierre Part

8-2 Pierre Part Middle

9-1 Pierre Part Middle

9-1A Pierre Part Middle

Iberville Parish

4 White Castle Fire Station No. 3

5 Bayou Pigeon Library

6 Bayou Goula Volunteer Fire Dept.

6A White Castle Fire Station No. 3

7 Bayou Goula Volunteer Fire Dept.

8 Pt. Pleasant Recreational Building

10 St. Gabriel Library

13 E.J. Gay School

13A E.J. Gay School

13B E.J. Gay School

13C E.J. Gay School

14 Plaquemine Junior High Concession Stand

14A Plaquemine Junior High Concession Stand

14B Plaquemine Junior High Concession Stand

15 American Legion Post No. 167

15A Crescent School

15B Library Building

16 Iberville Middle

17 Library Building

17A Library Building

18 Knights of Columbus

19 Iberville Council on Aging

19A Parish Vocational-Technical School

20 Gascon Wintz Building

21 Fire Station

22 Plaquemine Lions Club

23 Parish Vocational-Technical School

24 Crescent School

25 Bayou Sorrel Library

25A Bayou Sorrel Library

25B Bayou Sorrel Library

26 Crescent School

26A Crescent School

27 Bayou Blue Volunteer Fire Dept.

28 Rosedale Town Hall

29 Grosse Tete Town Hall

30 Rosedale Town Hall