Democratic state Sen. Rob Marionneaux said Thursday he is nearing a decision on whether to challenge Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal’s re-election bid.

Marionneaux, of Grosse Tete, said he has to decide whether his family is secure in its desire to mount a race and whether Jindal can be beaten.

The primary is Oct. 22 with a runoff, if necessary, on Nov. 19. Candidates must sign up for the race is Sept. 6 to Sept. 8.

Marionneaux is one of the few names to surface as a possible challenger to Jindal.

Marionneaux said the state’s Democratic Party is interested in seeking a candidate but has not discussed a level of financial involvement.

Jindal has amassed a nearly $9 million campaign war chest, partly by traveling to other states to raise money.

Marionneaux said he only would raise money in Louisiana if he decides to run.

He said a credible challenger to Jindal would need at least $4 million.

“I’ve got a few nickels in my pocket I might be willing to spend,” Marionneaux said.