DES MOINES AIRPORT — It’s been a busy week in Iowa, as we’ve looked at why Gov. Bobby Jindal thinks he has a chance in the presidential race, what Team Jindal looks like here on the ground, and of course, Jindal’s appearance at the Iowa State Fair, just to name a few.

But, sometimes, things just don’t make it into the story.

Here are a few tidbits leftover from the past week in Iowa.

Deez Nuts

Jindal was somewhat familiar with Nuts, it seemed. Asked his opinion, Jindal joked about being asked to comment on a candidate who doesn’t exist.

“I think there’s a lot of frustration,” Jindal said of the national electorate’s attitude toward politics today. “The voters aren’t just mad at Obama and the Democrats … They are mad at the Republican leadership too.”

He went on to slam Republicans in Congress — without naming those of them who rival him for the GOP nomination — as being ineffective at standing up against President Barack Obama on issues from immigration to the federal Affordable Care Act.

LGBT Issues

“I think the discrimination that is happening today is against Christian business owners,” Jindal said. He pointed to his executive order as a demonstration of his commitment to “religious liberty” amid a growing national push for protections for gay people.

Young voters

Jindal said he thinks the argument should be about making people’s lives “better off.”

“Who’s smarter, ‘You or the federal government?'” Jindal said Republicans should stress to people.

Anchor babies

Jindal said the issue is a distraction from the real problem — securing the United States border. Jindal traveled with other Louisiana officials to visit the Texas-Mexico border last year.

“Folks who are here illegally, we shouldn’t pretend like they are here legally,” Jindal said. “The Left needs to get over being politically correct.”

He repeatedly slammed Democrat Hillary Clinton, seeking to tie her comments slamming the use of “anchor babies” to the recent undercover Planned Parenthood videos that show workers discussing research on aborted fetal tissue and organs.

“That’s what’s offensive to me,” he said.

If you missed the video of Jindal responding to pro-amnesty immigration advocates, watch it here.

Jindal fam

Jindal said they had school obligations because classes have already started back up. To attend his speech they would have had to fly up late Friday and then back to Baton Rouge after the fair.

One of Jindal’s final tasks at the fair was hunting down a bag of kettle corn to bring home for the kids.

Jindal said his daughter, Selia, has started high school this month and has opted to attend Baton Rouge Magnet High School this year. The Jindal children have attended the LSU Lab School, whichincludes U High.

“It was her choice,” Jindal said of the switch.

Jindal, himself, graduated from Baton Rouge High. First Lady Supriya Jindal briefly attended BRH until her family moved to Metairie.

Jindal walking the Fair

A few wanted to offer advice or ask him questions.

One man told him to “Watch out for Donald Trump,” saying he thought that the race for the GOP nomination will come down to Jindal and Trump.

At least one child approached to ask Jindal whether he knew the stars of Duck Dynasty — the Monroe-based Robertson family. Some of the Duck Dynasty stars have come out in support of Jindal’s presidential run.

Sweet corn

It’s purely anecdotal, of course, but fair-goers are given a chance to show their support for candidates by placing dried corn kernels into jars marked with the candidates they support.

As he put his own kernel in his jar, Jindal quipped: “I’m from Louisiana, can we vote multiple times?”

By the time Jindal cast his kernel, he was on his second jar. But he was still lagging in the unofficial contest (as he has in more formal polls).