Arden Wells, who is running for sheriff of Tangipahoa Parish in the Oct. 22 primary election, said he has a plan for making the parish safer.

Wells said that, if elected, he would purge the Sheriff’s Office of “political deadheads and retirees and replace them with young men and women dedicated to law enforcement.”

He said he would give preference to armed forces combat veterans.

Under the plan, detectives would patrol target areas in unmarked vehicles and “uniformed deputies would conduct vehicle inspections at unannounced road blocks,” Wells said.

“This captures fugitives, locates contraband, identifies suspects and patterns of movement while sending a message that we are there and we are watching,” Wells said.

He said he would “free up jail space for drug dealers, burglars, thieves and other dangerous criminals by the use of volunteer honor farms and boot camp farms” for first offenders not charged with drug dealing, theft or violent crimes.

“While teaching discipline and instilling pride in work, we could produce crops” to help feed prisoners, he said.

“Extensive use of volunteer parish prisoners could clean up litter,” Wells said.

“I promise you that I will be a law enforcement sheriff, not a political boss,” he said. “I will return your phone calls personally. You can speak to me face-to-face if you desire.

“I won’t support any new taxes, and I won’t demand a bigger jail,” Wells said.

Wells earned a degree in criminal justice from Southeastern Louisiana University, graduated from the Law Enforcement Academy at LSU, worked in law enforcement for seven years and obtained a law degree from LSU’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center.

The 56-year-old Republican is running against incumbent Daniel Edwards in the primary election.