Louisiana House District 101

Retired businessman Frederic “Fred” Reed is running for the state House of Representatives in a new northern Baton Rouge district.

As a candidate for the District 101 seat, Reed announced he will assist the development of the local economy, enhance education, develop methods to prevent crime and create easier methods of distributing benefits to senior citizens, veterans and active members of our military.

District 101 is one of the new majority-black districts created as the House redrew its election district lines to mirror population shifts since the 2000 U.S. census.

The district includes much of the Monticello and Merrydale neighborhoods and some of the areas to their south.

The primary election is on Oct. 22.

If elected, Reed said he will undertake a careful study of the local economy and identify and recruit potential manufacturing and service-oriented businesses to relocate to the community. He also stated he will act as a community partner with business that are thriving in the district.

Reed, who is running as a Democrat, said he will support higher education, while working to improve standards.

He also stated he will assist in the development of elementary and secondary education schools and aid their governing systems.

Additionally, he said he will lead a drive to create active support groups of parents and individuals who will be willing to take an active role in monitoring children’s educational development and in assisting the schools in reaching the goals set for our children.

As a Vietnam War veteran, Reed said he understands the need for a district office that provides information to veterans and their families.

“Crime destroys the sense of security we are entitled to have in our homes, our businesses and in the streets of our community,” Reed said in his announcement. “I believe that we must immediately restore a sense of pride and respect for human life, community and property amongst our young people, who commit a disproportionate number of crimes committed throughout our city.”