The Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office has certified final vote totals from Oct. 22 statewide elections.

There were only minor changes in the state races, not enough to change their outcomes, office spokesman Sailor Jackson said.

In the closest statewide race, winner Secretary of State Tom Schedler lost a few votes to challenger House Speaker Jim Tucker but still held on to the winning margin.

Out of 890,786 votes cast, Schedler won by 8,446, according to final vote totals.

Unofficial returns had Schedler ahead by 8,498 votes.

According to final returns, Schedler got 449,616 votes or 50.47 percent to Tucker’s 441,170 votes or 49.53 percent.

“It is certified and it is finished,” said Schedler. “I’m very much humbled and honored to be elected. I really had two opponents. I had Tucker and I had (U.S. Sen.) David Vitter, and (Vitter) was out there working hard against me.”

Schedler said he’s not sure what motivated Vitter to endorse Tucker over him. Both are Republicans, as is Vitter.

“I don’t know whether it was my connection with Jay or his (Vitter’s) move for power,” said Schedler. “I’ve never been one to kiss the ring of anybody.”

Schedler referred to Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne whom Vitter also opposed.

Dardenne won over Vitter-backed Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser.

Schedler and Dardenne served in the Louisiana Senate togetherand Schedler became Dardenne’s first assistant when he was secretary of state.