Paula Davis, who is running for the Louisiana Legislature’s District 69 House of Representatives Seat, is now using a remark that she called offensive as fuel for her campaign.

Davis, a Republican, is running against fellow Republican Ryan Heck and Democrat Mark Holden for the seat. When she sought the nomination of the local Republican party, one member commentedthat “a woman’s place is in the kitchen,” which he later said was intended as a joke.

Davis has now sent mailers to people in her district with the quote, “a woman’s place is in the kitchen.” She highlights her background as former deputy commissioner of insurance for the Office of Property and Casualty and calls herself “the most experienced and most qualified” candidate in the race.

Playing up the “woman’s place” comment, the flier shows a woman wearing a checkered apron and includes a recipe for “Mamit’s Syrup Cake.”

“For the record, I’m pretty good in the kitchen, too,” Davis writes. “Try this recipe, I bet you’ll love it!”

Heck, a Metro Councilman, has outfundraised Davis thus far. Withmore than $216,000 in contributions, he has nearly twice the amount of money as Davis. However, about half of Heck’s campaign money is from his personal funds, according to campaign finance reports.

Holden has raised no money, according to his campaign finance report.


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