Don’t look for attack ads in the lieutenant governor’s runoff between Democrat Kip Holden and Republican Billy Nungesser.

“We have agreed that we are going to run a campaign dealing with the issues at hand and not get into the mudslinging,” said Holden, who is Baton Rouge mayor.

Nungesser, former Plaquemines Parish president, said he told Holden “I’m running nothing but positive ads.”

It the promises hold, it will be a marked change from the weeks leading up to the Oct. 24 primary election as the battle between Nungesser and Jefferson Parish President John Young for the runoff spot got nasty.

Nungesser topped Young to advance to the Nov. 21 election for the job which oversees Louisiana’s culture, recreation and tourism..

“It was really kind of an ugly thing,” Holden said.

Nungesser described today’s campaign climate as “crazy.”

“I’m going to have to end up spending a bunch of money on TV and everywhere to make people feel good about voting for lieutenant governor,” Nungesser said. “There’s just not a lot of appetite to vote.”

“It’s going to be a tough thing with the governor’s race. They are going to beat each other up,” he said.

Holden said his campaign will probably start producing ads next week, building on an ad from the prmary campaign that featured endorsements from LSU and NBA bastketball star Glen “Big Baby” Davis, blues guitarist and singer Buddy Guy and others.

Next up, he said, will be support messages from legislators and “people I grew up with.”