ST. FRANCISVILLE — Two candidates — the incumbent and a challenger — are running for West Feliciana Parish clerk of court in the Oct. 22 primary election.

Early voting for the primary will continue through Saturday at the parish Registrar of Voters Office, 5932 Commerce St., St. Francisville.

The parish clerk of court is responsible for maintaining documents pertaining to criminal and civil court proceedings, recording property transactions and conducting elections.

Felicia Ann Daniel Hendl, 58, seeking her third term in the office, worked as a deputy clerk of court in a previous administration for eight years.

Her opponent is Tammy Stevens DeLatte, 49, a legal secretary in a St. Francisville law office and a real estate agent.

Hendl is a Democrat, and DeLatte is a Republican.

Hendl said she began a project, with grant money to train staff members and volunteers, to correctly preserve the parish’s historical records and also put the parish’s index of property conveyances, dating back to 1811, online for the public. Hendl said she has invested in the latest technology and cross-trained her staff in the areas for which the clerk of court is responsible.

DeLatte said she will be a “hands-on” clerk of court who treats employees and the public “with courtesy and respect.”

DeLatte said she has the education, leadership skills and work ethic to improve the office’s efficiency.