Legislation aimed at increasing penalties for vehicular homicide convictions cleared the Louisiana Senate on Monday.

Today, people convicted of vehicular homicide would be fined not less than $2,000 or more than $15,000 and imprisoned for not less than five years nor more than 30 years. If the driver’s blood alcohol concentration is 0.15, at least five years of the sentence would be imposed without benefit or probation, parole or suspension of sentence.

The Senate voted 37-0 for a measure under which cases in which there are multiple fatalities would get sentenced separately for each victim. The sentences would run consecutively, not concurrently.

Senate Bill 148 sponsored by state Sen. Yvonne Dorsey Colomb, D-Baton Rouge, would also include the unborn who dies along with a pregnant woman as a feticide victim.

SB148 now heads to the House for consideration.