After spending more than hour debating supplemental budget, which ultimately was rejected, the Louisiana House quickly rejected the addition of marijuana to substances that couldn’t be smoked outdoors within 25 feet of state buildings.

The rejection sends House Bill 111 to conference committee to try to work out the differences in the language. The Legislature adjourns Thursday at 6 p.m.

State Rep. Frank Hoffmann, R-West Monroe and sponsor of HB111, said smoking marijuana already is against the law and adding that substance would just confuse things.

HB111 would subject violators to penalties of a fine form $25 for the first offense to $100 for violating the prohibition a third time.

The proposed law shall not apply to any building constructed by a parish or city school board, the Louisiana Superdome, the New Orleans Arena and public post-secondary universities.

The House agreed with Hoffmann and sent the legislation to a conference committee.