A Kenner lawmaker is back with his attempt to reduce the number of incidents of dogs falling or jumping from the back of moving vehicles.

State Rep. Tom Willmott, R-Kenner, is proposing to require that dogs be placed in ventilated crates or a restraint system if they are in the back of a truck on an interstate highway.

Willmott’s proposed similar bills, but they failed to garner enough support for passage for the two prior years. His latest version of the proposal, House Bill 1091, received the backing Monday of the House transportation committee in a 13-2 vote.

The measure moves next to the full House for debate. It won support there last year, but failed in the state Senate.

If the law passed, violators would be fined up to $150 if they didn’t comply with the requirements for one dog, with another $50 for each additional dog.