The House on Thursday approved a construction spending plan that includes $330 million more in projects than dollars available.

The measure, House Bill 2, won House approval 99-0. It next faces action in the Senate.

Most of the discussion focused on amendments aimed at adding even more projects to the list, including a failed bid to add $1.1 million for work on the campus of Southern University.

Rep. Joel Robideaux, R-Lafayette, sponsor of the bill, repeatedly told the House that the legislation included input from lawmakers statewide and that he would oppose any additions.

The state has enough money to continue funding ongoing projects, he said. But there’s only enough money to pay for a small fraction of the projects seeking to get started.

The bill includes $5 billion in projects over multiple years.

It traditionally includes more projects than dollars on hand, and this year is no exception.

Gov. Bobby Jindal, who has the final say on which projects win financing, proposed a spending plan that was $258 million over budget.

Rep. Alfred Williams, D-Baton Rouge, urged colleagues to add $1.1 million to ensure that the T.T. Allain Building on the Southern University campus, which houses business, computer and some law school classes, complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“This is to make sure that a building is not closed,” William said.

State Rep. Ted James, D-Baton Rouge, backed the amendment.

“If we lose that building, we will lose a lot of students,” James said.

Robideaux said Southern University has funds for other projects in the bill.

Williams’ amendment failed 35-49. Several other attempts by north Louisiana lawmakers to change the bill also fell short.

The Associated Press contributed to this report