The Louisiana House advanced legislation Wednesday that would put Louisiana in compliance with post-9/ll federal rules.

House Bill 907 would give the state’s residents the option of getting a Real ID. The IDs are identification cards and driver’s licenses whose authenticity is verifiable.

“It is opt in or opt out. No one has to do the Real ID. This is strictly up to your constituent and you,” said the bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Karen St. Germain, D-Pierre Part.

Louisiana was one of 16 states not in compliant with federal Real ID standards. Lingering issues include a gold star on identification cards and procedures to scan and photograph the bearer immediately upon entering a driver’s license bureau.

The House voted 79-22 in favor of HB907 after making a few changes.

The driver’s license bureau would not scan any documents if the motorist elects against a Real ID. Applicants also would be given a complete description of the Real ID.