House convenes at 1:00 p.m.

Senate convenes at 4:00 p.m.


Criminal Justice. 9:30 a.m. in Committee Room 5. Agenda includes:

SB88 Provides relative to victims of human trafficking.

Education. 9:00 a.m. in Committee Room 1. Agenda includes:

HB129 Prohibits giving a teacher or administrator a performance rating until completion of his full evaluation.

HCR130 Requests the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to discontinue the practice of sharing student data with private companies and the federal government.

SB205 Provides for the establishment of foreign language immersion programs in local public school districts.

SB206 Provides for empowered community schools.

SCR64 Establishes and provides for a Louisiana Agriculture Education Study Group..

Health & Welfare. 9:00 a.m. in Committee Room 6. Agenda includes:

HCR139 Directs certain state entities to report to the legislature concerning operation and management of state hospitals by private entities.

HCR140 Directs implementation of certain requirements for private contractors as conditions for privatizing the operation of any state hospital.

SB185 Provides relative to Medicaid and certain managed health care organizations providing health care services to Medicaid beneficiaries.

SB262 Provides for the Louisiana Board of Emergency Medical Services.

SCR25 Requests the LSU Board of Supervisors and the governor to keep the Huey P. Long Medical Center open and viable..

SCR57 Requests various state and local departments to take certain actions regarding the commercial construction and operation by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast of a facility to provide abortions in Louisiana..

SCR87 Directs the Department of Health and Hospitals to submit a Section 1115 demonstration waiver to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that replaces upper payment limit funding and creates funding pools to replace upper payment limit payments..

SCR98 Expresses support of and provides authority for actions by the Board of Supervisors of the Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College for the strategic collaboration with the the division of administration and the Department of Health and Hospitals in planning for a new model of health care delivery throughout the Lake Charles region..

SCR101 Requests the Department of Health and Hospitals to protect certain hospitals from the negative financial consequences of the closure of the Earl K. Long Medical Center by adequately compensating such hospitals for their increased burden of providing health care to the poor and uninsured residents of the greater Baton Rouge region..

SCR108 Directs the Department of Health and Hospitals to submit a request to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to extend Louisiana’s Section 1115a demonstration waiver for the Greater New Orleans Community Health Connection and authorizes the governor and the secretary of the department to identify a source or sources for matching of non-federal funds required under the extended waiver..

House & Governmental Affairs. 10:00 a.m. in Committee Room 2. Agenda includes:

HR121 Provides that the voting machines shall be closed after a specific time period.

HR122 Provides relative to vote changes.

HR135 Provides for a Memorial Day Celebration and delegation.

SB167 Transfers the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board to the Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism.

SB178 Requires the placement of voter registration application forms at certain retailers selling firearms.(gov sig).

SCR78 Requests the Senate Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs and the House Committee on House and Governmental Affairs to jointly study the appropriate use of campaign funds..

SCR102 Establishes a task force to study and make recommendations relative to the authority for and use of the design-build method for contracts by public entities..

Natural Resources & Environment. 11:00 a.m. in Committee Room 4. Agenda includes: Presentation by Mr. John Bourque, inventor of the Water Mower, a device designed to remove Giant Salvinia from water bodies.

Discussion of LSU’s Coastal Impact and Research Capabilities.

HCR159 Urges and requests the Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries to study Giant Salvinia.

SB128 Constitutional amendment to create the Artificial Reef Development Fund.


Commerce. 9:30 a.m. in Committee Room E. Agenda includes:

HB421 Adds a fee at license renewal for contractors dedicated to certain schools of construction management or construction technology.

HCR120 Memorializes congress to prevent the importation of seafood from Asian producers.

HCR143 Memorializes congress to give “qualified mortgage” status to balloon loans held in portfolio by a bank and urges and requests the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to expand the definition of “rural” for such mortgages.

SCR111 Requests the Vital Records Registry to take certain actions and the attorney general to establish a board, all relative to rehabilitating Gilbert Memorial Park in Baton Rouge..

SR128 Requests the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors to study applicable Louisiana law and rules to determine whether amendments are necessary in order to expand the scope of practice of home inspectors..

Finance. After Joint Budget in Committee Room A. Agenda includes:

HB1 Provides for the ordinary operating expenses of state government for Fiscal Year 2013-2014.

HB452 Provides for the transfer of deposits and monies among state funds.

HB629 Establishes the office of debt recovery at the Dept. of Revenue for the collection of delinquent debts owed to certain governmental entities.

Health & Welfare. 9:30 a.m. in John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room. Agenda includes:

HB281 Creates a single license for behavioral health services providers.

HCR75 Requires transparency in Medicaid managed care programs operated by DHH.

Insurance. 9:00 a.m. in Committee Room C. Agenda includes:

HB645 Provides relative to an internal claims and appeals process and external review procedures for health insurance issuers.

Revenue & Fiscal Affairs. 10:00 a.m. in John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room. Agenda includes:

HB151 Extends the sunset of tax credits for certain heritage-based cottage industries located within the Cane River Heritage Area.

HB162 Provides with respect to maximum authorized millage rates and provisions authorizing increases in certain millage rates without voter approval.

HB166 Provides relative to determining the market value of trees, timber, and pulpwood for purposes of levying the severance taxes.

HB182 Provides relative to the promulgation of guidelines for determining the definition of “sale at retail” for purposes of the exemption from the sales and use tax for certain agricultural commodities utilized in preparing crops or animals for market.

HB193 Provides relative to certain port and harbor activities for purposes of qualifying for the ports of La. tax credit.

HB316 Requires state agencies which administer tax credits and rebates to report certain information.

HB325 Authorizes the imposition of an additional sales and use tax by the governing authority of Iberville Parish.

HB358 Removes the Jan. 1, 2015, sunset date for issuance of sound recording investor tax credits and provides a threshold for Louisiana residents.

HB377 Establishes a registry for tax credits and provides relative to the period of time to report claims or a transfer to the registry.

HB430 Increases certain fees chargeable by the secretary of state.

HB456 Establishes the Louisiana Tax Delinquency Amnesty Act of 2013.

HB483 Extends authority to grant tax credits for certain state-certified musical or theatrical facility infrastructure projects.

HB516 Provides with respect to the Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority.

HB571 Provides relative to rebates and rebate programs.

HB653 Changes the state sales and use tax rate and provides for the taxability of sale and services.

HB671 Authorizes the LSU Board of Supervisors to impose certain tuition and fee amounts at certain institutions.

HB696 Reduces the amount of certain tax credits beginning January 1, 2014, for income tax credits and January 1, 2015, for corporate franchise credits.

HB698 Provides relative to the School Readiness Tax Credits.

HB726 Establishes the New Markets Jobs Tax Credit (EG -$49,500,000 GF RV See Note).

Senate & Governmental Affairs. 9:00 a.m. in Committee Room F. Agenda includes: Confirmation Hearings: BESE, LA Gaming Control Board, LA Lottery Corp Board of Directors, Board of Regents

HB209 Provides authority for legislative fiscal staff to access certain information from state agencies.

HB220 Requires the Legislative Fiscal Office to issue certain reports regarding the General Appropriation Bill.

HB387 Protects public employees from reprisal for providing information to a legislator or legislative committee upon request.

HB500 Limits election dates for security or neighborhood improvement district elections in certain parishes.

HB538 Provides relative to security and the allocation and use of space within the state capitol complex.

HCR21 Directs the attorney general to review and report to the legislative governmental affairs committees and requests the governmental affairs committees to study and make recommendations all relative to the use of public funds for lobbying and public relations purposes.

SCR88 Memorializes Congress to adopt the Constitution Restoration Act..

SCR114 Requests the Senate Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs and the House Committee on House and Governmental Affairs to study the issues relative to the merger of one or more state departments.