The Louisiana House on Tuesday advanced legislation that would give the state’s colleges new power over some of their operations.

The House voted 85-8 for the measure which would give schools autonomy over some areas now under state jurisdiction.

House Bill 766, sponsored by Rep. Bryan Adams, would give schools more authority over travel arrangements, information technology purchases and some contracts.

The authority is granted under the Louisiana GRAD Act but it is now linked to schools hitting certain academic bench marks.

The Gretna Republican’s bill would eliminate that requirement and instead base the autonomy on the schools having clean financial audits.

Higher education has been seeking some degree of autonomy as well as stable funding.

Before approving the measure, the House agreed to an amendment by state Rep. Dee Richard, No Party-Thibodaux, which would necessitate a review of how autonomy is working in five years.

HB766 now heads to the Senate for debate.