A state Senate-passed bill that would give new rights to apartment and condominium residents won approval Tuesday in a Louisiana House committee.

The proposal, Senate Bill 156, would require lessors to disclose in writing any pending foreclosure action when a lease is signed.

In addition, lessors would be required to notify tenants in writing if any such foreclosure action is initiated.

They would also be required to fulfill terms of the lease or be subject to damage claims.

State Sen. Sharon Broome, D-Baton Rouge and sponsor of SB156, noted that cases like ones that could be affected by her bill have gotten attention in the news media.

Earlier this year water was turned off at the Brandywine Condominiums because the owners owed $125,000 in delinquent sewer bills.

Brandywine condo owners and renters said they were paying fees that were supposed to cover utilities.

Broome’s bill passed the House Civil Law & Procedure Committee.

It next faces action in the full House.