College students will be paying extra fees this fall, including one for campus building maintenance, if Gov. Bobby Jindal goes along with legislation that won final legislative approval on Tuesday.

The Louisiana House voted 71-16 to Senate changes, then shipped the legislation to Jindal’s desk.

House Bill 671, sponsored by state Rep. Franklin Foil, R-Baton Rouge, would allow up to a $48 per semester fee for repairs and renovations to buildings on public college campuses. The schools face a $1.7 billion backlog of projects for which state funding has been lagging.

The legislation would also allow the LSU Board of Supervisors to assess up to a $2,500 semester fee for student in graduate and professional degree programs in digital media and levy other charges on students in LSU Health Sciences Center-New Orleans School of Dentistry.

Also, those who take on-line courses could face additional fees.