Smokers are about to have fewer places to light up after Gov. Bobby Jindal signed two measures into law, according to a release by his press office late Monday.

Smoking would be prohibited within 200 feet of the entrances, exits or outdoor areas of public and private elementary and secondary schools. The state superintendent of education, with approval from the Board of Elementary Education, would develop how to mark the smoke-free areas. This becomes law immediately

Smoking would be also off-limits within 25 feet of the entrance to a state office buildings and wheelchair ramps or other structures providing access to the state buildings. This becomes law on Jan. 1.

In both instances, violators would be subject to fines. A first offense is $25, second $50 and third or subsequent $100.

The bills were among 43 pieces of legislation Jindal signed-off on Monday.

Others included:

  • Requirements for certain chlorine levels to be used in water systems. The law comes as a result of a child dying from a rare brain-eating amoeba related to a contaminated system in St. Bernard Parish.
  • Naming the Interstate 10 Twin Span bridge over Lake Ponchartrain from east New Orleans to Slidell after outdoor reporter Frank Davis.
  • Designating fox pen hunting a part of Louisiana’s folklife heritage and in need of preservation.
  • Immediate removal of a Capital Area Transit System board member for cause and naming of a temporary replacement within 14 days.