The Louisiana Legislature approved and sent 677 bills to the governor during the 2016 regular legislative session, which began March 14 and ended Monday at 6 p.m. Another five resolutions were sent to be enrolled by the Secretary of State. Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed 344 of the bills into law and has not vetoed any.

These are some of the measures that passed and failed this session.



House Bill 1081 - Ban second-trimester abortion procedure called dilation and evacuation. Governor signed into law.

House Bill 606 - Forbid spending state Medicaid dollars at clinics that offer abortions, such as Planned Parenthood, which has sought a license to provide the pregnancy ending procedure. Governor signed into law.

House Bill 386 - Extend the waiting period from 24 hours to 72 from first consulting with a doctor before an abortion can be performed. Louisiana will become the sixth state to make women wait three days before they can get an abortion. Governor signed into law.

House Bill 1019 - Bans abortions performed in cases where the fetus is determined to have a genetic abnormality.

Criminal Justice

Senate Bill 324 - Raises the Age for what the state considers an adult from 17 years old to 18 for the prosecution for crimes. Sent to governor

House Bill 245 - Allows motorists whose auto insurance lapsed the ability to pay their debt and keep their driver’s license. State officials say $444 million owed the state. Sent to the governor.

House Bill 1155 - Fast tracks concealed weapon carry permits for victims of domestic violence willing to pay a $25 fee. Sent to the governor.

Senate Bill 91 - Increases first offense fines from $175 to $500 for texting or posting to social media sites while driving. Fines go up to $1,000 for additional violations and drivers under 18 years of age could have their license suspended. Sent to the governor.

House Bill 266 - State agencies can’t ask job applicants about their criminal histories before interviewing them for a position. “Ban the box” bill was sent to the governor.

Senate Bill 398 - Police can shield body camera footage from public release without a court order. Sent to the governor.

House Bill 1146 - Give public access to email addresses and online screen names of registered sex offenders as an aid to help parent keep their children safer when playing video games online. Sent to the governor.


House Bill 635 - Adds the use of unmanned aircraft to video voyeurism crimes. Sent to the governor

House Bill 19 - Outlaws using drones over school property and correctional facilities. Sent to the governor.

Senate Bill 141 - Includes flying drones under criminal trespassing laws. Sent to the governor.

Higher Education

Senate Bill 80 – Asks voters statewide to decide whether to take the Legislature out of the tuition setting process for higher education and give authority to universities, colleges and the governing boards.

House Bill 940 - University students (but not those from community and technical colleges) students will be able to use their school identification cards to meet voter ID requirements


Senate Bill 174 - unties TOPS awards from tuition increases. TOPS awards are locked in at next year’s level and if tuition increases, TOPS awards would stay the same. Signed by governor.

Senate Bill 329 - Increases GPA requirement for the TOPS Performance and Honors awards stipends. Sent to governor.

Senate Bill 470 - Pro-rates TOPS awards across all recipients in the event that the state cannot fully fund the program. Sent to the governor.

Medical Marijuana

Senate Bill 271 - The number of diseases that can be treated with oil extracted from marijuana would increase from three to 10, and doctors would “recommend” rather than “prescribe” the medicine, to get around the federal prohibition of prescribing marijuana. Signed by the governor

House Bill 1099 - Annual $100,000 fee for a license to produce marijuana for therapeutic use, $100 annual fee for inspections and nonrefundable $10,000 fee to apply. Sent to the governor.

House Bill 481 - Louisiana drivers could soon use their smart phones to show their driver’s licenses. Sent to the governor.


Senate Bill 468 - Raises age of dancers in strip clubs from 18 years old to 21. Sent to governor.

Senate Bill 291 - Allows direct access to physical therapist without referral. Sent to governor.

House Bill 902 - Lifts oyster lease moratorium. Sent to the governor.

House Bill 216 - Limits purchase of art for public construction or renovation project to the lesser of $450,000 or 1 percent of the project’s cost. Sent to governor.

House Bill 1102 - A framework to enforce contracts between a woman who would carry the child to term and the parents who would take the baby at birth. Sent to governor

Senate Bill 49 - Require legislative approval of a governor’s ability dole out pay raises to political appointees as the executive exits office. Sent to the governor.

Senate Bill 99 - Prohibits imposition of tax or assessments on a minor engaging in a business with sales of less than $500 per year. Governor signed into law.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 52 - Louisiana joined the call for the first U.S. constitutional convention since the nation’s founding. Less than 10 states have signed onto the effort, which requires 34 states to consent to the call.

House Bill 498 - One year moratorium on issuing licenses for Pediatric Day Health Care centers for “medically fragile” children and teens beginning July 1. Governor signed.

Senate Bill 227 and House 702 - Louisiana drivers will soon be able to choose if they want a REAL ID-compliant license that can be used to board domestic flights and enter federal facilities. Sent to the governor.

House Concurrent Resolution 37 - State Department of Economic Development will be seeking ways to “develop and improve” trade relations with Cuba.

Public Schools

Senate Bill 260 - Bans one method for launching charter schools. Sent to governor.

Senate Bill 262 - Extends moratorium on accountability measures for 2016-17 school year. Sent to governor.

Senate Bill 477 - Changes how public school teachers are evaluated. Sent to governor.

Senate Bill 432 - The remaining 52 New Orleans public schools being run by the state will move to the control of the Orleans Parish School Board by 2018 or 2019 at the latest if problems crop up with individual cases.

Senate Bill 275 - Mandates teaching of cursive writing. Sent to governor.


House Bill 56, House Bill 57, House Bill 58 and House Bill 59 - Four bills that memorialize resolution of 40-year feud between City of New Orleans and its firefighters on pensions and back pay. Sent to governor.

Senate Bill 2 - A lot of retired teachers, troopers, school workers and state government employees received a 1.5 percent to 2 percent cost of living adjustment in their monthly benefits checks. Signed by governor.


Public Schools

Senate Bill 361 - Limit access to vouchers that use taxpayer dollars to pay private school tuition for low income students from average public schools.

Senate Bill 170 - Bans appeal on charter school applications in school districts that rated by the state to be above average.

House Bill 879 - Bans charter schools from companies that are in the business to make a profit.

House Bill 218 - Prohibits the use of tobacco products on any school property

House Bill 402 - Allows high school students to take national survey on sexual practices.

Higher Education

Senate Bill 67 - Abolishing the Board of Regents and other higher education boards to create one single education board.


House Bill 581 - Forces students who receive TOPS and fail to pay back awards to the state

Senate Bill 88 - Increases GPA for receiving TOPS opportunity scholarship from 2.5 to 2.75.


House Bill 337. Repeals mandatory motorcycle helmet law for those 21 and older.

House Bill 944. Bill aimed at preserving Confederate memorials.

House Bill 597 - Pastor Protection Act to shield clergy and religious organizations from refusing to conduct gay marriages.

House Bill 151 - Punishes local governments for being “sanctuary cities” in Louisiana.

House Bill 274 - Prohibits a person who has been convicted of a felony from qualifying for or taking public elective office for 15 years after completion of sentence.

House Bill 105 - Allow Louisiana’s Attorney General to decide how to spend the money appropriated to his agency.

Senate Bill 269 - Would have established a state minimum wage (Louisiana is one of five states without one) and set the amount at $8 in January 2017, which is 75 cents per hour or $30 a week more than now. It would then rise to $8.50 per hour in January 2018.

Senate Bill 254 - The Equal Pay Act would have set up procedures and timelines through which employees who feel they are being paid less because of their gender could rectify the situation with their employers. If a resolution could not be found, the employee would have the right to file a lawsuit.

Senate Bill 166 - Allow the burial of pets with their owners.

Medical Marijuana

House Bill 446 - Rejected the creation of a $5,000 minimum fee to apply to run one of the 10 pharmacies that could sell marijuana products for medicinal use.