A bill that would ban changes in how public school grades are calculated until 2016 appears dead in the House Education Committee.

A bid to kill House Bill 598 won approval, with 10 in favor and four opposed.

But because of a technical problem the Louisiana House Education Committee had to shelve the measure, which means it could be brought up again.

State Rep. Regina Barrow, D-Baton Rouge and sponsor of the plan, said repeated state revisions to public school scoring calculations are causing problems. “It has been very hard for school boards and administrators to keep up with the changes,” Barrow said.

Opponents said the freeze would cause problems for local school officials and others who often suggest the changes.

Those lined up against the bill included the state Department of Education, state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office and the Council for a Better Louisiana.

Backers included the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, Louisiana School Boards Association and the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents.