If every penny counts, then one Louisiana resident has found a unique wayto do his part to close the state’s nearly $1 billion budget shortfall.

“Help Louisiana, need $900 Million” reads the headline on the new online donation page set up via the GoFundMe website.

The rest of the description: “Save us from Bobby Jindal!
Despite this mostly being satirical, any donations here will be put towards the crippling budget deficiet (sic) that the State Government of Louisiana is current experiencing.
The money will be given directly to the State of Louisiana to assist any department that is suffering from this massive budget crisis.”

The page says it was set up by Eric Boleyn out of Natchitoches.

The Louisiana Legislature is currently in a special session to try to close the current $900 million gap, as well as attempt to fix next year’s $2 billion shortfall.

The GoFundMe donation page has been shared by thousands of people, and brought in three donations totaling $40 in the past four days.

To check on the status of the GoFundMe for Louisiana’s $900 million gap go here.