Louisiana legislators have yet to warm up to the idea of alcohol-infused ice cream.

House Bill 471, which would allow boozy frozen treats in Louisiana stores, was voted down Monday by the state House, 43 for to 47 against with 14 representative not voting.

State Rep. Marcus Hunter, D-Monroe, sponsored the bill and said he plans to bring the vote up for reconsideration.

He said he thinks misinformation is being spread by groups like the Family Forum.

“This is not as big of an issue issue as people think it is,” he said. “There are far more harmful things in society that can be purchased without an ID.”

He also said ads would not target children.

“Quite honestly, no child is going to go steal a pint of ice cream to consume alcohol,” he said.

The state Attorney General’s office last year rejected a request by Mercer’s Dairy, of New York, to sell the alcohol laced ice cream in Louisiana.

Hunter said it was an interesting concept that would make Louisiana unique and attract tourists.

Lobbyists from BuzzBar, an alcoholic ice cream purveyor headquartered in California, are also pushing for the new law.

The ice cream has an alcohol content ranging from 0.65 percent to 2.81 percent and costs between $5 and $9.

Lobbyists have said children with fake ID’s are not likely to blow their money on a BuzzBar.