‘He’s a great guy’: National commentator, constituent defends Louisiana lawmaker who joked about strippers _lowres

Rod Dreher

A national commentator who lives in Louisiana Rep. Kenny Havard’s legislative district defends him in a new blog post that addresses Havard’s stripper amendment “joke” that has stirred a firestorm of negative media attention.

Rod Dreher, senior editor for The American Conservative and a St. Francisville resident, calls Havard “a great guy who does a lot for his constituents.

“And you know what?” Dreher writes. “He’s a real person with a sense of humor.”

On Wednesday, during a debate about a bill to regulate strip clubs, Havard proposed an amendment — in jest, he says — that the strippers should be youthful and thin. Specifically, he suggested they be no older than 28 and no heavier than 160 pounds.

When challenged by other legislators, he quickly withdrew the amendment and later called it a joke about overregulation.

“I salute his sense of absurdity,” says Dreher, who decribes himself in his commentary as “a Jesus-loving, right-wing troglodyte who voted for him (Havard) more than once.”

“And no, I’m not joking.”

See the full commentary here.